re:publica Berlin 2019 – tldr

What Do You Think?

Why #rp19? Major concerns are #FreeSpeechAuthenticity and #ExponentialSustainability. I’ll try advance these building #coop businesses. Meeting the internet/media crowd in #Berlin will help refine my starting point.— Bernd Worsch (@Tegwick) 5. Mai 2019

This is what I came up with on what to think about at #rp19 this year. Once again I’m on the train to berlin and looking forward to three days of connecting with whoever happens to be interested internet/media topics and their influence on society in germany.

#FreeSpeechAuthenticity: How to have free speech and not drown in biased information with no viable option of identifying and verifying facts. When everybody is pushing her/his own agenda in the battle for attention with varying degrees of exageration and tweeking of what and how things happend, how can we filter, select and get a grip on relevant.

#ExponentialSustainability: This is about figuring out how to move towards a sustainable society fast. Providing direction and incentives to line up personal goals along to the emerging achievement of sustainability on a global level is without alternative. How we engage and succeed will determine if we reach sustainability with grace, desparation or despair. It will also determine how many of us will make it at all.

Your welcome to follow up on me at Twitter, this is where most of my online activity will be at for the coming days. —@Tegwick