What I plan todo next:

  • Add Future Affairs blog post
  • Improve WhatDoYouThink to handle multiple ideas
  • Setup Payment Integration for Idea Support
  • Setup Mail Notification Lists for Ideas
  • Announce Binky Hedgehog Company and Website

The eternal backlog:

  • Setup and publish set of requirements for wwn projects
  • Add comments facility
  • Anounce wwn on twitter
  • Provide link to conomony blog
  • Provide link/list to Evernote published ideas
  • Grab all my somewhere somewhat domains and consolidate under wwn

And some history:


  • Establish level1 of WhatDoYouThink ideation2product2business funnel


  • Do some rearrangements of older stuff
  • Add WhatDoYouThink landing page for #rp19


  • Update legal information
  • polish twitter feed and integrate answers and likes maybe
  • Provide links to info about me on xing, linkedin etc
  • Decide on initial tool to publish about


  • Integrate twitter feed
  • Include bitcoin based feedback mechanics using


  • Some SEO Optimization powered by Yoast


  • Setup Domain, done
  • Provide some basic information about what is and will be going on, done
  • Add logo and pimp starting page, done
  • Add required legal Information, done
  • Add access to posts with new, categories and archive access, done


  • Setup basic site, done