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Watch me commit reputational suicide as I defend “transphobes” like @RuPaul & @jk_rowling, black conservatives, and most of all free speech in my manifesto (communist pun intended): “This PC witch-hunt is killing free speech, and we have to fight it:” https://medium.com/@sarahadowney/this-politically-correct-witch-hunt-is-killing-free-speech-and-we-have-to-fight-it-7ced038d33ae?source=friends_link&sk=fe29633b920e44b10ce204c317798ff4

@ThomasSowell @realclearisrael The British should demand reparations from the Romans who conquered them around 43 AD.

Adjusted for inflation, Italians should owe each Brit at least one live chicken.

1) In the game Monopoly, once enough properties are owned by a single player, renters can't afford to pay rents and are therefore forced into bankruptcy - and the game ends.

After an early rapid outbreak Germany bent the curve.
And just as important: the positive rate of tests is low – below 1%.

Lothar Wieler, Ute Rexroth (from the Robert Koch Institute), and René Gottschalk studied what we can learn from Germany’s response.

1/ The peak of Everest is infamously termed 'Death Zone'. Each breath contains ~ 30% of the oxygen found at the sea level.
Birds, however, can easily fly over the Everest. What gives them such great lungs? They got them from the dinos. But why did the dinosaurs have them?


THREAD: As you may have noticed, "cancel culture" has intensified in recent weeks. Everywhere you look online, people are organizing to get people fired or kicked out of college for offensive things they've said or done, often in the distant past. 1/33


Yesterday, @grubles of Blockstream blocked me for saying that
1) Liquid is not a sidechain by any definition that doesn’t also include Coinbase
2) a definition that DOES include Coinbase is so wide that it’s meaningless

One of the reasons I am not sharing the code for my artworks might be generational thing.
Left: my youth. Right: now

Creative coding is like playing with Lego - almost all the building blocks are already out there and it is up to your creativity to assemble them in your own way.


Nonetheless in 2020 with FakeNews, COVID19, BLM, FTP, ACAB, Riots one needs to acknowledge that there is a lot of work to do in stabilizing and improving the system we as a collective created. And we had quite some time to get a good grip on these issues.

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