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@asiahodl That is exactly the difference between ETN and ETC. Xetra-Gold was an exchange traded commodity (ETC). VanEck Fund is an exchange traded note (ETN), 100% physically BTC backed by law.

The Digital is about creating world's of experience for us and our communities. It is everyone's responsibility to select which worlds to explore, inhabit and nurture and build.

The epiphany of tipping ones toes into TikTok is about humanity being so incredibly capable of exploring every habitat available until no niche is left unexplored. The digital domain is a new habitat and we're exploring it viciously.

The new media literacy is about selecting inputs beneficial to your personal goals and wellbeing while limiting exposure to everything else keeping a distant eye on stuff that might pose a risk to you personally.

Irresponsible and counterproductive to publish something like this without sketching out the model parameters and comparing estimated emissions to those ensuing from other activities. Sending email is one of the most energy-efficient things people do!


Total I/O from the brain is only a few million signals, and the bandwidth isn’t very high. The “brain in a jar” of SF could run over modern WiFi.

@JohnLeeTrading @Aella_Girl Yes, sir! People think 1984 was about the future when it was actually about Stalinism. Brave New World, from 1931, was about the future. @zeynep argues Huxley is the only mythology that touches 21st century problems - and I agree with her. Nice!

Das Forscherpaar, dem wir den wahrscheinlich ersten #Corona-#Impfstoff zu verdanken haben, sind Gastarbeiter Kinder aus der Türkei und heißen #UğurŞahin und #ÖzlemTüreci. Tebrikler! 👏🏼
GermanDream 🇩🇪❤️🙏🏻

Don't pick a battle between craftsmanship (moral) and economics. Economics will always win. You need to express benefits in economic terms. @martinfowler

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