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A thread on serious attack vectors in Bitcoin and how Bitcoin can overcome them. Ideas and constructive critiques welcome.

@mdkail The trouble with conventional Master-Slave IDAM (authenticate first and then authorize) is that when multiple RPs depend on the one AuthN, it has to be of a high enough calibre to satisty the most cautious RP. Burdensome and invasive over-identification tends to result.

"If you want to build like a brain enabled api on top of it, your business model can't be advertising." @max_hodak 2h50 https://t.co/ifJwycdz9t by @neuralink. Watch to understand #StateOfNow in #BrainMachineInterfacing it's impressive.

@spoondan @elonmusk We have become dangerously intolerant of error and annoyingly obsessed with identity. The right person can never be wrong.

Leads to a bunch of hypertoxic behaviors.

'Pair Programming' with GPT-2 trained on 2 million GitHub files. Straightforward near-term practical use of deep learning. I wish they had better examples - for example, I bet if you name a variable Gryffindor it will suggest Hufflepuff for the next one!

I'll try @Superhuman for fast e-mail at https://t.co/n3hvy13ztJ, hopefully. 😉 If you have a referral, please send one my way! https://t.co/q1PkQH6vSB

Death is the price we pay for life.

Pain is the price we pay for pleasure.

Disillusionment is the price we pay for daring to dream.

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