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The Generative Age: AI will do for content production what the internet did for distribution.

What happens when the cost to produce a movie like The Avengers goes from $350M to 30 cents?


@100trillionUSD Ive tested many other variables: time, hashrate, tx, addresses, fees, and interactions. nothing has been as out of sample stable as s2f so far. I thought there would be some non linear combination of these that would but out of sample, s2f still wins (not to mention parsimony)

Most people think a government ban is the biggest risk to bitcoin. But with MicroStrategy now having a third of it's market cap in bitcoin, do you really think governments will tank stock markets? Risk of ban will get smaller and smaller when more listed companies follow MSTR.

- arithmetic = discrete+static
- geometry = continuous+static
- music = discrete+dynamic
- astronomy = continuous+dynamic
In this scheme, most modern science would be "astronomy", but computer science would be "music".

Non US but this will be interesting and hopefully work: Join me in saving the Republic: No Trump, No Biden, No Spoiler. You are the one we need. Learn more at http://ArticlesOfUnity.org #Unity2020

"The best advice you can give an advice seeking friend is to ask:

'What would you advise me if the tables were turned?'

Clarity ensues when viewed through an objective 3rd person frame." - @george__mack

Trying reality awareness to unbundle the info mess: I'll mentally tag tweets, articles, podcasts etc as either #BaseReality (fact and event oriented original information), #MediaReality (about stuff, efforts to contextualize), #PropReality (agenda driven propaganda)...

(Pseudo)libertarian minds have the intellectual nuances & logical refinement of somewhere betw. the unicellular amoeba & invertebrate sea slugs.
And of course no notion of scaling of collective risks/dynamics & iatrogenics.

In short: what I usually refer to as "idiots". https://twitter.com/jeffreyatucker/status/1300430640819703813

This is such an important chart. Central bankers are trying like hell to create “inflation” and all the liquidity is just further nesting itself into asset prices (now nonlinearly). It’s so obvious, yet many try to make it more complicated than it needs to be. https://twitter.com/NorthmanTrader/status/1300120636690399238

Don't believe the "derivatives are suppressing bitcoin price" FUD. What's really going on? A growing natural market:
- sellers: funds doing BTC cash&carry, accepting 10% annual return without much risk
- buyers: funds adding long BTC exposure with known instruments, without keys

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