Current – Twitter Integration

This is what I thought I should currently be working on:

  • Make my tweets and retweets visible from wwn.

🆕 if you turn off timeline ranking in settings today, you’ll see all the tweets from people you follow in reverse chronological order…no “in case you missed it” or tweets the people you follow “liked”.

Noted cryptographer and computer scientist @matthew_d_green slams Google for its new and amazingly misguided "user-unfriendly forced login policy" on Chrome. (Anyone know if the Chromium folks are going along with this?)

Bitte schreiben Sie auf, das kommt in der Prüfung dran:
In diesem Jahr ist die Mauer länger weg als es sie gegeben hat.
1961-1989 Mauer da, 28 Jahre.
1989-2018 Mauer weg, 29 Jahre

The whole 'losing to China' frame on personal data and AI is insane. Innovation is not some blanket good, China is shaping its society towards panopticon tracking for political reasons, to innovate around *political repression.*

Ooh. How exciting.

It’s a whole new form of game theory around which people will construct and organize their lives.

I wonder what fresh new Hell the Chinese people will create for themselves.

Or dare I say, maybe Heaven?