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Nothing quite makes me feel old like watching teenagers build a permissionless, global financial instrument to provide liquidity to cartoon ape collectors in a discord channel in real-time.

Today offline identities are self-reported, yet valuable for online status games.

Tomorrow they’ll all be deepfaked. You will be able to mimic the accent, language, appearance of anyone via AI.

Once that is abundant, identity is no longer scarce. So signaling shifts to crypto. https://twitter.com/drewharwell/status/1382700328353722378

@aeyakovenko Thesis: crypto pseudonymity outcompetes both wokeness and the boomer culture that preceded wokeness.

Wokeness is a transitional phase that arose because people still trust self-reported identity online.

Proof-of-woke = “As an X, …”

But tomorrow? All AI avatars and pseudonyms. https://twitter.com/balajis/status/1383819821930868746

Use Fed balance sheet as denominator for asset prices since 2008. Result:
- stocks (S&P), real estate (Case Shiller), and gold underperform;
- tech stocks and crypto are the only asset classes that outperform.
Network effects make a difference @RaoulGMI: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0tJrla31t8I


Eine sehr interessante und erfrischende Folge in einer hervorragenden Reihe von Podcasts. Immer wieder gut verbrachte Hörzeit. Dankeschön!

In today's installment of 'today's arXiv papers are just the source material for future cyberpunk terms': GhostVLAD https://arxiv.org/abs/1810.09951

You know what's great about 500% leverage?

The expectation value of your profit goes way up.

Less great: expectation values are pure fantasy. In reality you're stuck with the time average and go bust.

But don't let the economists hear you say this. They'll bite your head off. https://twitter.com/Fxhedgers/status/1378368609827713030

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