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Twitter and Facebook suspended hundreds of thousands of accounts they said were part of Chinese state-linked efforts to discredit protests in Hong Kong.

Through an NPR analysis, telling details begin to paint a portrait of massive disinformation campaigns

We've observed AIs discovering complex tool use while competing in a simple game of hide-and-seek. They develop a series of six distinct strategies and counterstrategies, ultimately using tools in the environment to break our simulated physics: https://t.co/2lbOxo19rL

The Libra's fiat reserves are themselves a lever over nation-states. At any time, the Libra Association can threaten to dump one fiat on the market for another, and that is assuming they even want to sustain a reserve ratio. https://t.co/zamjot8Twj

Introducing Wolfram|Alpha Notebook Edition! Combining the best of both the computational knowledge engine Wolfram|Alpha and technical computing software Mathematica into a single, unified program perfect for teaching and learning. https://t.co/jffBlmskJe

One always needs to remember that bombing and burning people, buildings and cities is a really really horrible plan of action. Some thoughts...

I joined the Army two weeks after September 11th, 2001.

I was in high school and gave up a full ride to college.

I spent 26 months in Iraq.

There are no winners in war.

Both sides suffer.

Every 9/11, take a moment to honor our fallen as well as the innocents and civilians.

4/n This is part of why college is effective *for employers* as a labor curator & hard to recreate

You have to create a better proof-of-work, not just better curricula or teachers

Many of the supposed inefficiencies of colleges are actually important parts of its proof-of-work

A startup ... 8 ppl in a room. Blurred boundaries. Highly collaborative. Focused. High trust.

Big enterprise. Lots of complaining about “accountability” and “ownership”, roles, responsibilities, boundaries, process. Etc. etc.

What *really* has changed?

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