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It may be easier to see by comparing similar cities. In each case, those with the longer shutdowns saved more lives in the short run AND enjoyed greater employment growth in the medium run.

Evidence that there's no trade-off between saving lives and saving the economy: During the 1918 pandemic, those cities that more aggressively shut down ended up with stronger overall employment growth.

This is astonishing. Medical equipment (masks) bound for Germany confiscated in Thailand, forcefully re-routed to the US. German official blames US for "modern piracy". https://www.ft.com/content/03e45e35-ab09-4892-899d-a86db08a935c

“We know how to bring the economy back to life. What we do not know is how to bring people back to life.” Ghana’s president Nana Akufo-Addo with admirably clear messaging on #covid19 and economy. Plenty to learn from everywhere in the world if we listen. We’re in this together. https://twitter.com/NAkufoAddo/status/1243833823458181120

How It Looks and How It Will Be, a story about our world and COVID, from Import AI #190. Usually I write scifi - we're living science fiction right now. I care about us all and I think we'll all be okay. I think there is a lot of light in this darkness. https://jack-clark.net/2020/03/23/import-ai-190-animegan-why-bengali-is-hard-for-ocr-systems-help-with-covid-by-mining-the-cord-19-dataset-plus-ball-dodging-drones/



Here are the 0.1% of resources I've consumed that have brought me 90% of the value.


I wish somebody gave me these in a list so I could have spent more time exploiting than exploring.


You might hear people saying it isn't real. It is.

You might hear people saying it isn't bad. It is.

You might hear people saying it can't take you down. It can.

I survived Ebola. I fear #COVIDー19.

Do your part. Stay home. Stay safe.

And every day I'll come to work for you

Thank you everyone for your incredible messages of support and encouragement.♥️

Many of you asked what it was like in the ER right now. I want to share a bit with you. Please RT:

A Day in the Life of an ER Doc - A Brief Dispatch from the #COVID19 Frontline:

Decentralized “community-centered” care. This article from the Italian team in Bergamo, Italy (at the epicenter of it all), points to a new approach which would defuse the situation in days instead of months. Seattle hospital is piloting something similar. #decentralizeCOVID19


1/ Got on a phone call with my grandparents in Wuhan tonight. Asked them how things were holding up now that the things have improved alot for the city. Here's some cool findings 👇

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