Current – Twitter Integration

This is what I thought I should currently be working on:

  • Make my tweets and retweets visible from wwn.

Still amazed by this. The Labor-Liberal controlled Joint Committee on Intelligence and Security report thinks every state and territory police force should be able to use the encryption bill powers ... EXCEPT the anti-corruption agencies

★ My new interactive comic's out! It's about the science of memory, spaced repetition, and shoeboxes.

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In 2011, China sold 1000 EVs

In 2017, it sold 579,000 (that's more than the top 10 list combined)

In 2018, it will sell as many as 1,000,000 (that's more than the rest of the world combined

"It will soon be obvious that half our tasks can be done better at almost no cost by AI. This will be the fastest transition humankind has experienced, and we’re not ready for it."

Bitcoin milestones in 2018 (update on prior tweet):
1 SegWit 10% -> 45%
2 Lightning 0 -> 2000 nodes
3 Social attack forks dead
4 Hashrate 2x
5 No miner with 20% hash
6 Fees low
7 @Blockstream Liquid
8 @Bakkt
10 @TheBlock__ objective reporting
11 @wasabiwallet