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Attached a slightly different approach which might help understanding bitcoin demand dynamics. Demand is modeled, taking into account the ‘flow’. According to the model, since 2011, demand (in $) is increasing with about 1.00215x per day or about 2.2x per year. /3

“I think you have to think ahead AND live in the moment.”

- Rick Sanchez C-137

(The casual throwaway wisdom of Rick and Morty).

Value is not monotheistic. Value is pluralistic.

The point of money is to create the security to focus on real value in life.

Limiting the dominance of financial maximization doesn’t mean ignoring money, it means putting it into context.

30 years ago, jaws dropped throughout the world. The stunned included communist leaders, experts on communism, the CIA and KGB, even dissidents who sensed communism would fall like a house of cards. Systems sustained by preference falsification are vulnerable to sudden collapse.


1/ The main thesis of “The Bitcoin Reformation” is that there are four fundamental parallels between the Protestant Reformation and the present day, which could signal profound societal and economic changes ahead.

A thread on altcoins.

They are nuanced. We have:
-Protocol coins
-Utility tokens
-Security tokens
-Non-fungible tokens

But to an investor, there's only 2 types of altcoins. Oscillators and Degenerators. You can spot them on this chart of the entire market.


Great altcoin analysis!

IMO altcoins are kept alive by crypto mix funds.

Consider a 50/25/25% btc/eth/bch mix fund. If btc$ increases, the fund must rebalance (i.e. must sell btc and buy eth and bch to restore 50/25/25%), this causes oscillation .. until the mandate changes. https://twitter.com/woonomic/status/1192316072533229568

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