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Life is an escape game where you start out with all the right tools but you can't use them until you gather enough courage.

📣 New essay distilling one strand of some ongoing work✨

I argue that books lack a functioning model of how people learn—instead, they're (accidentally, invisibly) built around a model that's plainly false. Plus some early models for what to do about it. https://t.co/hd5VoJIHI2

Before any “futurist” speaks at an event about future trends, they should have to present the talk they gave 10 years ago.

I suspect most crowds would no longer hold them in as high regard.

Incredibly moving and inspiring new video from NASA, about the new missions to return to the moon by 2024 and establish a permanent presence. This is the best of what makes us human https://t.co/pl2kooUY9M

Bitcoin exchanges & custodians are "too big to bail", i.e. they can fail like pre 1914 gold banks could:
- No lender of last resort
- Private insurance only option
- Ultimately good for HODLers: no socialization of risk
- But: due diligence matters, buyer beware

Introducing The Bitcoin Rabbit Hole: https://t.co/nE3Vw9XPvE

My curated collection of top Bitcoin-related essays, research, presentations, videos, and more.

I'm excited to share with you an early look at our work on a scalable, open src, permissionless Layer 2 network for Decentralized Identifiers that runs atop Bitcoin, developed and supported by Microsoft as an open public infrastructure for all - meet ION: https://t.co/9TOl8oyEVB

8/ What are Satisficing Brands?

Most of the time we prioritize safety over perfection. We'll pay a premium not only for ‘better,’ but for ‘less likely to be terrible.’

When we buy Satisficing Brands, we buy safety and assurance.

2/ Behavioral economics explained in a sentence:

The context, the medium, and the interface where a decision is made may have a far greater effect on our decision making than the long-term consequences of a decision, even when we know those consequences.

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