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X : What's special about conversational programming? It's just speech to text?
Me : No. It could be in any form, it's a narrative. The "value" is in the connection of services to create whatever outcome you're seeking. This is what is happening here - https://twitter.com/swardley/status/1283068366232662026

Dynamics of narrative control have changed and we are about to experience what happens when this blasts away safety regulations. Feeling safe and being safe are not the same. Easy narratives will only provide the former. A perspective by @McCulloughMDMPH: https://rumble.com/vnbv86-winning-the-war-against-therapeutic-nihilism-and-trusted-treatments-vs-unte.html

Physicians have gag orders on ‘vax misinformation’

Not this one.


How does @Jack ensure quality in their review team if there is no price for being wrong?

Maybe @TwitterSupport could BTC tip the people they incorrectly ban.

A price signal would go along way to restore trust. https://twitter.com/gummibear737/status/1445716307291226117

Knowing the end state someone should be in and knowing the specific steps they should take next are two very different things.

Applies to teaching, advising, UX. Moving forward requires taking steps. Designing those steps requires understanding where the person stands right now.

... somebody seems to have told Boris that the fastest way to grow the economy is to convert it from an extractive nature (benefits to shareholders, accumulation) to a more generative / growth model (putting more wealth into the hands of people who will actually spend it).

Here are 500+ comments submitted to FASB. Thank you to all those that participated.

My feelgood vid of the day by @jimseven: https://youtu.be/JV1DsqwbmO0 If you're into coffee this is for you. ☕ 🙂

@conways_law The programming of systems through a narrative. Best encapsulated in Janeway's "delete the wife" - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNCybqmKugA ... or more recently through the work of @simalexan et al.

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