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If you rearchitect society so that it can no longer defeat Prisoner’s Dilemmas, you must also pray that your rivals will be foolish enough to do the same.

It used to be that only heavily armed nuclear weapons states had computers. Then rich people had them. Then everyone had them.

It used to be that only heavily armed nuclear weapons states could go to space. Then rich people could. Then…

"You do not rise to the level of your goals, you fall to the level of your systems." @JamesClear

Thanks @joserosado for drilling this truth home!

Let’s see if I understand: Author of a paper evaluating evidence on Ivermectin effectiveness can’t post that paper as it violates a TOS rule against assertions that #Ivermectin is effective because such assertions are unsupported by evidence.

Who do they think they’re fooling? https://twitter.com/IanHarper58/status/1407245779467649026

Salvadorans will be first people in the world to see inflation and deflation at the same time. (Depending on which official currency they choose to operate in. ) 1 year from now let’s see which monetary policy they prefer.

Here we go: #DarkHorseLive84, with @BretWeinstein and me, coming to you this week via @OdyseeTeam, because they understand the need for free expression and inquiry in a democratic society.

Saturday, June 19, 12:30 pacific:

The DarkHorse Podcast will be live with me and @HeatherEHeying, Sat. Jun 19 at 12:30pm Pacific-but not in the usual spot. #FollowTheSilence to our campfire north of the wall, amongst the free folk of @OdyseeTeam. Bring dragon-glass. And spread the word!


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