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We have weaponized status reporting Take a look. https://www.career.pm/tools-templates/status-reporting-template/ #prodmgmt #productmanagement #product #careerpm

I’ve been a follower of critiques that AirPods could foreshadow a future dystopia of sonic isolation, but this kind of relatively radical alternative usage is less expected. https://twitter.com/louisanslow/status/1219643485902508036

The things one was born to do are the things one cannot help but do, rather than the things one convinces oneself to do.

Fermat dies in 1665 - his last theorem is unsolved

⏳88 y

Euler proves it for n=3

⏳72 y

Legendre & Dirichlet prove it for n=5

⏳14 y

Lamé proves it for n=7

⏳69 y

Wolfskehl offers prize for solution in the next 100 years

⏳86 y

Wiles proves it 🎉

When the ancient sufi prophets directed their visions into the end of times, they saw AI programmers conjure mighty spirits to do their bidding. Of course they did not understand screens and typing, so they described them as "lamps" and "rubbing".

He was an eloquent writer and thinker on many topics, but in particular, I recommend his BBC documentary "Why Beauty Matters" about the role and meaning of beauty and the tyranny of ugliness. https://vimeo.com/128428182

I no fan of securities laws or wish ill on Ripple or XRP holders, but this analysis is brutal. You could hardly imagine a clearer case. Tldr:
- Ripple Labs has created XRP
- XRP is a security
- Ripple's true business model is selling XRP to the public https://twitter.com/mdudas/status/1215367337626537997

@ID_AA_Carmack Yuup. Netflix also posted their energy consumption a while back: https://medium.com/netflix-techblog/netflix-streaming-more-energy-efficient-than-breathing-57658d47b9fd

"In 2014, Netflix infrastructure generated only 0.5g of CO2e emissions for each hour of streaming. The average human breathing emits about 40g/hour, nearly 100x as much."

One consequence of the Solemani assassination that shouldn't be missed: the US just greenlit every authoritarian regime in the world to assassinate any foreign official it deems a threat.

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