Current – Twitter Integration

This is what I thought I should currently be working on:

  • Make my tweets and retweets visible from wwn.

Sacrificing freedom of expression and collaboration online to enforce copyright in Europe? – Wikimedia Blog

To think that those illiberal to migrants will rule liberally towards native residents is an illusion. Xenophobia and authoritarianism are brothers in thought.

It’s not worth it if you need to throw away your integrity.

And if you’re not sure whether an action counts as “throwing away your integrity”, you should probably pass.

There are several types of immutability in #bitcoin. For example,
1) Transactions cannot be reversed.
2) Monetary inflation cannot be changed.
The first is protected by hash power (proof-of-work)
The second is protected by consensus and full validation.
Both are necessary.

In his AI principles, @sundarpichai didn't mention the biggest application of AI at @google: YouTube recommendations, which account for 700,000,000+ hours of watch time per day. Talking about an AI that controls what information people see can be scary. But it shouldn't be taboo