Living in Seeheim-Jugenheim (Germany) with four children, I tend to do quite some reading, thinking, writing and prototyping on various topics. I started out from mathematics and software and keep working on the implications of digital for the postal sector as a day job with Binect. Building on years of technical product management I switched my perspective to market entry, sales and customer relations all along helping to transform what was a company consuming investor money year by year into profitable business.

Following up on ideas and projects I am currently (Apr2019) in the process of starting Binky Hedgehog GmbH that will provide a framework to drive ideas from inception and specification towards market trial and pragmatic successful implementation.

This site

As long as I can remember there have always been ideas popping up in my head for projects that I would have liked to persue but could not. How very disappointing that there is only 24 hours a day to make use of. How frustrating to see that having various ideas compete for attention all at the same time just isn’t productive.

The solution has been to put ideas to rest on paper, while trying to focus on just one of them.

As a result the collection of thoughts, ideas, project drafts and the likes grew for years and keeps on doing so. Chances are most of those topics will never grow into something too useful and interesting. But at times I find myself returning to an idea again and again, switching angles of how to approach it. Letting those sit on paper seems way too unsatisfying. The same goes for prototypes and tools I implemented along the way. That’s why I decided to start exploring and publishing some of them. Why? Why Not! is my playground to do so.

On this site I’ll optimize for learning about topics I am interested in. Beware, my focus might turn to a new direction as soon as I feel I learned enough. For everything I decide to hold up a commitment to, I will set up enterprise grade professional development, with qualityassurance, usersupport and a businessmodel to fund this at www.binky-hedgehog.com

You are very welcome to look around, try stuff, rate ideas, review projects and support what you find worth while by comments and commitments on the WhatDoYouThinkWiki my ideation2product2business funnel.

What else?

A mathmatician by education I started to work as a software developer with an interest in knowledge management and open source technologies in 2000. Over the years my business focus shifted towards document based communications, output management, secure digital services and the postal industry and from tech implementation to management and business development. As of the start of 2016 my workday as a CTO with pawisda systems was devoted to help scaling business in Germany and establishing international projects collaborating with the Universal Postal Union. In hindsight we pushed to hard, while not being smart enough to focus, set up and implement a working go2market strategy. Which is why I ended up stretching my limits coping with a rough reorientation and change situation at what is now an economically successful company. 

Reichel AG (2019)

We are moving and repositioning the company after merging a book publishing company last year. There will be a renewed trading business with a focus on robotics components, platforms and smart sensors. As an extension we will provide international procurement of tech components. The publishing business will provide publications in book, e-book, audiobook formats and will provide technical services to small third party publishing business.

Binect GmbH (2018)

Postal letters provide an established and vital mode of communication quite different from e-mail, messaging and forms based interaction. Providing hybrid-mail-services for the german market Binect strives to provide for optimal integration of paper and post-paper letter communication with digital business platforms.

Pawisda (rebranded to Binect in 2017)

I’ve been with pawisda systems for about 13 years helping to gather a fabulous team, building a flexible, scalable and efficient plattform for the processing of hybrid mail and at the latest engaging in our ambitious efforts to grow our business. Visit www.pawisda.de to know more or try sending a letter at www.binect.de.

Manu Systems (rebranded to Reichel AG in 2018)

This is a small robotics company involved in providing equipment and components especially to customers that are involved in research and academia in Germany. It has been founded by Marco Reichel and myself in 2003. We also do some development and consulting. Feel free to contact us at www.manu-systems.com.

24h and how to get and keep in touch

As before there are 24 hours only in my day. To make the most out of them I won’t put much effort in following or writing e-mail. To keep in touch and establish contact follow and dm me as @tegwick on twitter. Your welcome!